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Features of TC high pressure cutting fluid water pump

2023-09-13 17:32:54        0

The combination of large cooling systems is abruptly consolidated into the basic model of a TC pump. Just by replacing it with conventional medium-pressure pumps, the proportion of space occupied by volume is reduced to about one percent. The factory space has been significantly expanded, resulting in increased productivity.

█ Maximum working pressure: 2.0MPa Maximum discharge capacity: 28.8L/min

█ No suction filter required

█ No need to clean the water tank

█ No need for a pump for transporting to the cutting fluid tank

█ There is no need for pipes to connect the components

※ Aqueous solution of more than 2% water-soluble cutting fluid

Double cyclone filter

Separate double cyclone filter to remove cut powder. The first cyclone filter removes larger cut powder, and the second cyclone filter removes tiny cut powder. The cleaning cycle of the line filter is extended up to 24 times.

※ Remove 20μm or more of cutting powder (aqueous solution of 2% or more water-soluble cutting fluid)


For example, daily cleaning is extended to an average of once a month


Product size drawing