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What are the cycloid gear oil pump failures? Gear oil pump troubleshooting method

2019-08-02 17:00:00        0

What are the cycloid gear oil pump failures? Gear oil pump troubleshooting method, gear oil pump is the most commonly used auxiliary lubrication equipment for industrial machinery and equipment, gear oil pump structure for the outer ring teeth than the inner ring teeth one tooth, so as to ensure the normal meshing of the gear oil pump. Due to the complex disassembly and assembly of the lubricating oil pump, resulting in the difficulty of maintenance, the following cycloid cycloid gear oil pump manufacturers have sorted out the practical methods for your reference.

(1) The cycloid gear pump has insufficient oil output and does not absorb oil, troubleshooting:

1. Use a vacuum pressure gauge to measure the suction pressure if it is displayed above -0.03MPa, it is a cavitation phenomenon.

2. The suction piping is blocked and check the dirt of the suction filter.

3. The insufficient amount of oil in the tank can be confirmed by the oil level gauge or direct visual inspection.

4. The viscosity of the oil is too low compared to the use pressure.

5. The rotation direction of the oil pump is wrong and the rotation direction is confirmed by visual inspection.

6. Is the circuit on the suction side and the discharge side cut off?

(2) Cycloidal gear oil pump leaks oil from the oil seal, troubleshooting:

1. Is the direction of rotation of the oil pump wrong?

2. Is there pressure in the suction piping?

3. The oil temperature is higher than the heat resistance of the oil seal

4. The liquid material is not suitable for the oil seal material

(3) The cycloid gear oil pump is noisy and troubleshooting:

1. Large resistance on the suction side (cavitation phenomenon)

2. The piping on the suction side is too thin and the piping on the suction side is too long

3. The oil pump rotates too fast and sucks in the filter to become a resistance

4. The viscosity of the oil is too high

5. The inhalation height is too high

6.  Please confirm whether the return pipe is immersed in oil.

7. Please confirm the concentricity of the two couplings and whether there is any offset.

What are the failures of cycloid gear oil pump? Gear oil pump troubleshooting method content is here, our company is a professional cycloid gear lubricating oil pump manufacturers, if you need to understand oil pump products can consult our customer service.