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Precautions before using cycloid gear pumps

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Before running

(1) Confirm the direction of rotation, suction port, and discharge outlet.

(2) The rotation direction of the motor exclusive to our company is: Please confirm that the motor frame or distribution box has instructions indicating the wiring before wiring.

① In the case of the company's special motor (three-phase power supply), the following wiring method is set according to the standard rotation direction of various oil pumps.

②With base and coupling (universal motor (three-phase power supply)), so confirm the direction of rotation of the oil pump after wiring.

Note: If the direction of rotation, suction port, and spit outlet are wrong, oil leakage will occur and cause damage to the oil pump.

(3) Please confirm that the oil suction tank is filled with oil, and confirm the cleanliness of the oil.

(4) Check that the piping is not loose.

(5) Confirm that the front and rear valves of the pump are fully open.

(6) When the oil pump is initially started, please confirm the direction of rotation.

Test run

(1) Idle can not be more than 10 seconds, in case of oil absorption can not stop the pump operation.

(2) When oil cannot be absorbed, the reasons are as follows.

① The outlet resistance pressure is too large.

② The resistance pressure on the suction side is too large, or the piping is too long.

③ Only inhale air (the phenomenon of piping oil leaking air).

(4) No oil pipe can not touch the oil surface.

(5) The speed of the pump is not enough.

Inspection before starting operation

(1) When starting work, be sure to check, especially for oil leaks, abnormal sounds, and heating.

Attention: When confirming any abnormal situation, stop running the oil pump and confirm several abnormalities.