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Inspection and solution when the oil pump makes abnormal noise

2019-09-24 16:30:00        0

Check when the oil pump makes an abnormal noise

Please investigate 1~3 factors before removing the pump.

The core of the coupling is defective

Use a ruler, dial, clearance gauge, etc. for the concentricity and fall of the two couplings to check whether they are set within the values specified by the coupling manufacturer.

→ modified to within the specification value of the coupling.

Wear of the bearings of the pump or motor

Try pushing the shaft to move radially.

→ replace the bearing.

Is there no vibration in the base where the pump and motor are installed?

Try touching the base with your hands.

→ put anti-vibration rubber on the motor.

There is a risk of poor inhalation, so please conduct the following investigation.

1. Cavitation

Please check the suction pressure. -If it is 0.04MPa or more, reduce the resistance on the inhalation side.

A) The mesh, mesh, and size of the filter

B) The thickness, length, and inhalation port of the suction tube

C) The viscosity of the oil

2. Air mixing

A) Air mixed into the circuit (from the joint of the suction side piping)

Tighten or redo piping in the intake area.

B) Replace the oil seal mixed with air (through the oil seal) in the circuit.

C) The amount of oil in the tank is insufficient

Replenish the oil to the prescribed amount.

D) Aspirate air bubbles from the return piping

The piping to the return tank is deeper than the oil surface and separate from the suction piping. Set a separator between the suction tubing and the return tubing for foreign matter sedimentation and bubble separation.