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Common fault of oil pump - stuck

2023-05-06 15:54:18        0

In the years of after-sales processing, we found that the fault of cycloid pump stuck is one of the most common after-sales problems. Customers often think that this is a quality problem of oil pump. But how does the actual situation cause the oil pump card ? 

First of all, we should first understand the composition and working principle of cycloid pump. The cycloidal pump is composed of eccentrically designed rotor amplitude ( inner and outer rotors ), pump casing, pump cover, shaft and seal. The outer rotor has one more tooth than the inner rotor. The two adjacent teeth of the inner rotor mesh with the two adjacent teeth of the outer rotor, and then form a sealed volume chamber with the bottom surface of the pump chamber and the cover surface of the pump. The volume chamber changes from small to large or from large to small with the rotation of the pump shaft, and the process of change causes the change of pressure in the volume chamber. The volume cavity becomes larger from small, the pressure decreases, the vacuum degree is formed, and the suction is generated, which is manifested as oil absorption. The volume cavity becomes smaller, the pressure increases, forming a positive pressure, which is manifested as oil discharge. Therefore, since it is necessary to form a sealing cavity, the gap between the rotor and the contact surface of the rotor and the pump body and the pump cover is very small, often only a few wires. Imagine, only a few wire rotor clearance if into the foreign body, light cause oil pump stuck, oil pump wear, heavy cause oil pump stuck, motor overload burning consequences. Now understand ? It is precisely because the working oil is not clean that foreign bodies such as metal residues and plastic particles enter the pump body, resulting in failure. The effective solution is to install a filter device before the oil inlet.