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Wiring method of cycloid gear motor oil pump

2019-07-11 17:00:00        0

 Cycloid gear motor oil pump wiring method introduction:

1. Single-phase 220V motor connection: the 220V power supply is assisted by the starting winding, and its starting torque does not run at a fixed value. As shown in the image .

2. Three-phase 380V motor connection: connect 2 copper sheets to 3 independent wire posts laterally. As shown in the image.

3. Three-phase 220V motor connection: connect the 220V power supply to the inverter and separate three 220V power lines, and connect the three connectors shown in the figure. As shown in the image.

The above is the wiring method of three-phase motor motor and single-phase motor, you can also connect according to your own technology or experience knowledge, the above is only theoretical practice still need to be comprehended. Our company is a professional manufacturer of cycloid gear oil pump manufacturers, if you have related product needs, you can contact our customer service or click Jintongshun Mall to order.