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How to clean up impurities in the filter

2019-06-13 16:45:00        0

Cleaning method of impurities at the bottom of automatic oil filter:

█  The filter surface will not bend and deform under pressure back pressure, which is firm and reliable, exquisite and precise, with large filtration area and excellent performance.

█  No metal mesh, cloth weaving type filter missing, no failure, can be used for a long time.

█  It can be used as a circulation and reduction device for mechanical and mechanical pipelines.

█  It is necessary for safe operation and improving functional efficiency, and the installation efficiency is high, which is a foolproof automatic filter.

Debris: Impurities trapped at the bottom of the filter, debris trapped at the bottom of the filter, should be loosened regularly to clean up the debris. If you do not turn the handle to clean up impurities for a long time, it will cause the filter to fail, so each time at least rotate the handle left and right 3-4 times, clean up impurities, impurities can be cleaned down, as long as you simply turn the handle, even in the pressurization can also clean the filter in the operation of the machine, while the machine, the machine can continue to run without interruption, no need to worry about the reduction of filter oil delivery.

█  Filter mesh and filtration volume: suitable for selection due to the nature and use of oil (liquid). The standard size plate body of the following table is used as the standard specification: after combining the oil filter body according to the size and length, the filter area can be appropriately increased or decreased and the strength of the pressure delivery force: the temperature and viscosity of the oil (liquid) body are closely related to the loss and low of the accompanying pressure, which will affect the change of filter processing capacity.

Structure: The body cover is composed of die-casting aluminum, aluminous-based alloy or light alloy with compressive strength above 5kg/cm², and the internal filter shaft adopts steel filter plate, gap plate and sweeping.

█  The filter is generally a filter with 150 mesh, please use a filter with a large capacity as much as possible.

█  The purpose of the mesh filter is always to remove foreign matter that hinders the operation of the oil pump, so the fine foreign matter passing through the mesh filter will shorten the life of the oil pump. Please replace the liquid used regularly, and maintain it regularly when using filters below 11μm.