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The working principle and characteristics of cycloid gear pumps

2023-09-01 17:19:04        0

The working principle of cycloid pump, pump structure and use introduction, "cycloidal gear" design calculation theory and manufacturing method in engineering is far less popular than involute gear, so cycloidal pump in engineering application is very little, often only found in some foreign mechanical products. Design and develop cycloid pumps to partially replace involute gear pumps, so as to reduce the consumption of raw materials, which has the benefit of reducing product costs in production enterprises, and is conducive to the rational utilization of resources and environmental protection for the society.

How it works:

The cycloid gear pump consists of a round hole that can accommodate the outer rotor oil pump casing and two internal and external rotators, a rotating shaft and a bearing. The rotating shaft is located in the center of the inner rotor, and there is a certain centrifugal distance between the center of the inner rotor and the center of the outer rotor.

After the inner rotor rotates for a certain period of time, the outer rotor is driven and rotates in the same direction. When turning to a closer distance between the two, the teeth of the inner rotor and the cogging of the outer rotor bite. On the far side, because the inner rotor has one less gear, a wide and narrow gap is formed between the outer rotor, which just plays the role of an oil pump, so that the liquid can be forcibly sucked in or spit out.

Features of cycloid gear pumps:

The cycloid gear pump is an internal meshing gear type oil pump with a certain discharge volume. In fact, the discharge amount and pressure change in a straight line at a certain speed, and the maximum discharge amount is when there is no pressure. The driving force is proportional to the pressure, and the driving force is maximum when the pressure is maximum. Therefore, when operating with the discharge side closed, the oil pump may be damaged, the motor will be overloaded, etc., so please use it with caution.