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Cycloid gear oil pump failure solution

2019-11-08 16:25:00        0

The previous issue has told you how to eliminate the cycloid gear oil pump fault, this issue tells you how to solve the cycloid gear oil pump failure, gear oil pump is the most commonly used auxiliary lubrication equipment of industrial machinery equipment, gear oil pump structure for the outer ring teeth than the inner ring teeth one more teeth, so as to ensure the normal meshing of the gear oil pump. Due to the complex disassembly and assembly of the lubricating oil pump, resulting in the difficulty of maintenance, the following cycloid cycloid gear oil pump manufacturers have sorted out the practical methods for your reference.

(1) The solution when the oil output of the cycloid gear pump is insufficient and does not absorb oil:

1. Reduce the viscosity of the oil used.

2. Clean the suction filter.

3. Replenish the oil to the prescribed amount. It is necessary to supplement the amount to about 3~4 times the amount of discharge from the oil pump for 1 minute.

4. Connect the piping tightly.

5. Adjust the viscosity of the oil to be moderate with the oil pump.

6. Please correct the rotation direction displayed by the oil pump.

7. Open the circuit of the suction side and the discharge side, expand the circuit of the suction side and the discharge side, and repair or replace the oil pump.

(2) Solution when the cycloid gear oil pump leaks oil from the oil seal:

1. Repair or replace the oil pump.

2. The oil pump is higher than the liquid surface, within 1m, and the pressure resistance of the oil seal is 0.03MPa.

3. Replace the oil seal or oil pump.

(3) The cycloid gear oil pump is noisy, and the solution is:

1. Adjust the pressure to within -0.03Mpa (close to atmospheric pressure).

2. Thicken the piping and shorten the piping.

3. Slow down the rotation speed of the oil pump.

4. Replace with a filter element with less resistance.

5. Reduce the viscosity of the oil.

6. Reduce the height of inhalation.

7. Adjust the oil tank, piping, and oil pump so that air cannot enter.

8. The return tube is immersed in oil.