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Precautions for oil pump installation

2023-09-06 17:41:06        0

1. About the location of the installation

● The recommended position is based on the liquid level, and the upper and lower levels do not exceed 1m.

● The pump suction port is installed above the oil surface as much as possible.

image.png  Note: When more than 1m above the liquid level, it may cause poor inhalation effect.

image.png  Note: When it is more than 1m below the liquid level, it may cause oil leakage due to conditions.

2. About the installation posture of cycloidal gear pump, motor cycloidal gear pump, base, coupling connection motor cycloidal gear pump

● The installation posture of the pump unit is unlimited.

● When installing the motor cycloid gear pump, the horizontal position shall prevail, and the pump cannot be installed above the motor.

● When installing the base and coupling connection motor cycloid gear pump, the base part should be installed in a flat place.

● When installing bolts in the mounting holes of the base or motor, please keep the operation as smooth as possible.

image.png  Note: If the installation position of the motor cycloid gear pump is wrong, the motor will be damaged.

image.png  Note: If the pump is installed in an uneven place, or forced installation without the alignment of the mounting holes, it will cause damage to the base or connection corner, and wear inside the pump caused by core misalignment, resulting in pump failure.

3、About the installation environment

● Do not use in dusty, high or low temperature environments, and consult us when using outdoors in special environments such as splashing water, vibration, humidity, etc.