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Precautions for oil pump piping

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1. Regarding the tightening torque of the pump and connecting screws

● The following table shows the maximum allowable tightening torque of the piping screws for the cycloidal gear pump.

image.png Note: Exceeding the values in the table above may cause damage to the caliber of the pump.

image.png Note: In the case of excessive wrapping of raw meal or use of liquid sealant, it will cause less frictional resistance and excessive tightening, which may cause damage to the pump caliber area.

2、Regarding the connection of piping

● The connection of the piping should be completely sealed and there should be no leakage or air intake.

● In order to ensure that the weight of the piping does not affect the pump body, a support device (piping support) must be installed.

● To avoid unnecessary force on the pump, please confirm the length and angle of the piping when connecting it.

● To confirm the status of the pump, it is recommended to install pressure gauges at both the suction and discharge ports.

● For the condition of the pump, it is recommended to install accessories such as shut-off valves and cross joints.

● When using liquids with high viscosity, in order to reduce the loss of suction side pressure, it is recommended to use piping with a larger diameter than the pump.

● High pressure pipes and other accessories with finer inner diameters. In addition to confirming the diameter of the piping screw, it is also necessary to confirm the inner diameter of the piping.

● To prevent malfunctions during startup, it is recommended to set exhaust ports on the discharge outlet side and oil inlet ports on the suction side.

3、About piping and joint accessories

● Before connecting the piping and fittings to the pump, it is necessary to clean the inside of the pipe. Due to the possible presence of dust or cutting debris during thread cutting in the piping, it is necessary to flush the piping to ensure cleanliness before assembly can proceed.

image.png Attention: If the flushing is not done properly, it may cause malfunctions in the pump or connecting equipment.

image.png Attention: Please do not flush the assembled pipeline.

image.png Attention: Please check the airtightness of the piping before installing the pump.

4、Piping method on suction side

● please select the suction piping with the flow rate less than 1.5m/sec and the suction side piping resistance less than -0.03mpa (close to the atmospheric direction).

● please ensure that the circuit resistance at the suction side is below 0.03mpa. The circuit resistance at the suction side refers to the total pressure of all instruments installed at the suction side of piping, filters and valve tubes.

image.png Note: air entering the pipeline and bubbles will make the pump produce noise, vibration and heat, causing pump damage。

● Please use the lowest oil level to calculate the suction nozzle.

● The piping on the suction side shall be as far away from the return port of the overflow valve or actuator as possible to avoid the influence of oil return.

● Shorten the length of the suction piping as much as possible and reduce the bending of the piping as much as possible.

● Before piping, please carefully check the valves, taps, joints and other parts. Do not use objects with narrow ports or casting pores.

● Please avoid sudden changes in the cross-sectional area of the conduit.

● Be sure to cut off the opening of the gasket.

● Avoid mixing air in the pipe.

● When using oil with viscosity grade above ISO VG68, in order to reduce the suction resistance, it is recommended to use suction piping with a diameter one or two larger than the pump diameter.

● When installing the valve, please use the portal valve with small resistance.

● When stopping, if there is pressure in the piping on the discharge side, please install the check valve on the discharge side instead of the suction side. Otherwise, oil leakage will be caused.

image.png Note: the pressure at the suction side of the pump shall not exceed +0.03mpa. Otherwise, the oil seal will be damaged and oil leakage accident will be caused. Especially for the cycloidal gear pump with positive and negative rotation, special attention should be paid

5、Piping method on discharge side

● For the size of the piping, please select the pipe with a flow rate of less than 3m/sec in the pipe discharging the piping.

6、About filters

● Generally, a filter with 150 mesh is used. If conditions permit, please try to use a filter with large capacity.

● Please confirm the specification of the filter and use a filter with a filter resistance below 0.01Mpa.

● The filter is suitable for eliminating large and small foreign matters that bring obstacles to the pump operation. The fine foreign matters that can pass through the suction strainer will seriously shorten the service life of the pump. Please change the liquid regularly, and use the filter below 11 microns. In addition, you should use the liquid regularly for maintenance.

image.png Note: foreign matters in the oil will seriously reduce the service life of the pump or cause pump damage. In addition, the small foreign matters passing through the suction filter will cause performance degradation, life reduction, oil leakage and other conditions due to different service environments. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the filter regularly. If you continue to use the filter in the blocked state, there will be abnormal sound, vibration, poor spitting and pump damage.