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  • TK oil pump motor set
  • TK oil pump motor set
  • TK oil pump motor set
  • TK oil pump motor set
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  • TK1510-1

TK oil pump motor set

1. As the sealing device is double, its durability is particularly good.

2. If you want to use it at high temperature, you must use a fluorine sealing device, which can be used at high temperature below 180℃(optional).

3. Since the pressure relief valve can reduce the load of motor and pump, it can be used safely (optional).

4. It is applicable to the transfer of liquid and fuel for machine tool equipment and various industrial equipment, lubricating oil supply, oil pressure device, etc.

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 1. Small and medium flow pumps (4.2-30.0L/min).

 2. Internal overflow valve and external overflow valve can be installed.

 3. Middle discharge pressure.

 4. Purpose: transport operating oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil.

 5. Liquid temperature: - 5-80 ℃ (with special parts for high temperature).