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  • 2HBR Reverse Oil Pump
  • 2HBR Reverse Oil Pump
  • 2HBR Reverse Oil Pump
  • 2HB反向润滑油泵-2
  • 2HB反向润滑油泵
  • 2HB反向润滑油泵-3

2HBR Reverse Oil Pump

1.As the sealing device is double, the durability is particularly good.  

2.If you want to use at high temperatures, be sure to use a fluorine-based sealing device, which can be used at high temperatures below 180℃( optional ).  

3.As equipped with pressure relief valve can reduce the motor and pump load, safe use ( optional matters ).  

4.Applicable to machine tool equipment and various industrial equipment of liquid and fuel transfer, lubricating oil supply, hydraulic device, etc.

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     Characteristics :  

1.Small and medium flow pumps ( 4.2-30.0L/min ) .

2.Internal relief valve can be installed, external relief valve .

3.In the spitting pressure .

4.Usage : transport operating oil, lubricating oil, cooling oil .

5.Liquid temperature : -5-80 °C ( special parts for high temperature ) .