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  • One shaft oil pump motor
  • One shaft oil pump motor
  • One shaft oil pump motor
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One shaft oil pump motor

1. The oil pump is a low-pressure ROP lubricating oil pump, which is suitable for lubrication and heat dissipation of mechanical parts, reducing friction, improving energy efficiency and mechanical service life.

2. Since the pressure relief valve can reduce the load of motor and pump, it can be used safely.

3. It is applicable to the transfer of lubricating oil supply, oil pressure device, etc. for machine tool equipment and various industrial equipment.

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1. Small and light weight.

2. Small vomit (1.2-6.7 L/min).

3. Low discharge pressure.

4. Internal overflow valve can be installed.

5. Purpose: transport operating oil and lubricating oil.

6. Liquid temperature - 5-80 ° C (with special parts for high temperature).

7. The pump has the advantages of simple structure, strong self suction, stable oil delivery, low noise and continuous oil supply and lubrication.