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What are the models of gear oil pumps?

2023-08-31 15:44:03        0

(There are special parts for high temperatures)

Series 2 oil pump:

1. The Series 2 oil pump is a design that combines the motor part and the pump body part compactly, so it is rarely limited by the installation space and the disassembly and assembly of the motor part and the pump body are very easy to maintain.

2. The Series 2 oil pump is equipped with a valve that can adjust the pressure, which can reduce the load of the motor and the pump and be used safely.

3. Series 2 oil pump is suitable for various working mother machines, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, oil filters, printing machinery, diesel engines: cattle head planer, gantry planer; milling machine, punching machine, gear hobbing machine, grinder, drilling machine irrigation machine, screws, nuts , Rivet manufacturing machine, single-function machi